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About Converse Chiropractic

Our mission is to guide you to Your Highest quality of life naturally. At Converse Chiropractic in Spartanburg, we are focused on improving and then maintaining your spinal health. 

About The Office in Spartanburg

Our mission is to guide you to Your Highest quality of life naturally. At Converse Chiropractic in Spartanburg, we are focused on improving and then maintaining your spinal health. We look at the many aspects involved with minimizing stress to your joints. As a wellness center, our office caters treatments to your individual needs to achieve optimal health.

Spinal Adjustments in Spartanburg

Our office utilizes safe and effective chiropractic techniques to remove joint restrictions and dysfunction. To get to the root of your health issues, spinal adjustments are performed to increase motion in your spine. This improves spinal position to enhance nerve flow and decrease muscle issues. Our goal is to get your spine moving so you can keep doing activities you love for years to come.

Cold Laser Therapy

Low-level lasers use energy in the form of photons. When these photons reach the skin, cells are stimulated to produce more energy called ATP. Greater ATP production encourages the healing of damaged areas, promotes tissue healing, and reduces swelling and pain. The wavelength of Erchonia lasers used in this office has been shown in thousands of university studies to accelerate ATP production, stimulate stem cell growth, and heal damaged areas of the body and brain. Learn more about Cold Laser Therapy.

Digital X-Ray

The implementation of our digital X-ray helps us to see the spine and take the guesswork out of your treatment. Conveniently located within our office this latest form of X-ray will provide the best quality images to ensure a targeted treatment plan.

Posture Analysis & Excercise

Your posture is a window into your spine and can detail muscles and areas of imbalance. A digital posture assessment and a posture exercise program will cater to your needs even if you do not own gym equipment. These corrective exercises help improve your posture and maintain your spinal structure. Combined with our other services you can achieve the best health of your life.

Traction Therapy

Spinal traction is an integral resource for those with disc conditions such as degeneration, disc herniation, and bulges. It is also beneficial for those with nerve pain such as a pinched nerve, radiculopathy, numbness, and sciatica. We are utilizing this technology in our practice to help those who suffer from these spinal-related conditions.

Meet The Team

Dr. Christy Rody, understands the importance of chiropractic care and brings custom, natural care to patients of all ages. Your health is a top priority so discover how incredible you can feel in our office without drugs or surgery. Meet our team below.



Dr. Rody, D.C.

Dr. Rody, D.C.

Doctor Christy Rody is a chiropractor at Converse Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. She was introduced to chiropractic care in high school due to back problems from cheerleading and gymnastics. She loved the natural healing approach of chiropractic and treatment without the use of medications. This sparked a desire to learn and continue to use chiropractic care as a college athlete. After graduating from The University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Sciences, Dr. Rody completed her doctorate at Sherman College of Chiropractic.

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In 2016, Dr. Rody founded Devine Chiropractic in Columbia, SC and it became one of the area’s top chiropractic offices. She and her husband have always loved the upstate and were thrilled to move back when he accepted a position in Spartanburg. Dr. Rody is eager and delighted to be serving the Spartanburg area in her new office at Converse Chiropractic. She and her family enjoy living in this beautiful community and are excited about it being their permanent home.

Dr. Rody is passionate about improving the health of those in the Spartanburg area through chiropractic care so they can live and feel their best. Her goal is to provide adjustments and lifestyle care to help those with posture imbalances, spinal stress, accidents, through pregnancy, and sports injuries to live their healthiest life. Being a mom, Dr. Rody always feels privileged to care for children and newborns. Having modern training in AK, Diversified, Extremity Care, Pediatrics, Specific Prone, Thompson, Torque Release Technique (TRT), Upper Cervical, and Webster’s certified. She is trained in the latest chiropractic techniques and creates specific treatments for your needs.

Chiropractic Asst Tech

Chiropractic Asst Tech



Tatiana is a Spartanburg native and has recently returned after years of traveling and living in different places in the world. She graduated from Spartanburg High School and then College of Charleston with a bachelor’s in German and International Studies.

She lived in Denver, Colorado for a few years, and enjoyed her time on the Big Island of Hawaii for 3.5 years where she worked as a veterinary nurse with a specialty in X-ray. She lived in Europe for about 6 months to spend time with family before moving back to Spartanburg. Tatiana is excited to be back home and helping her local community with their chiropractic care. She is able to utilize the X-ray skills she gained in Hawaii as a veterinary nurse here at Converse Chiropractic. On the weekends she enjoys exploring this beautiful part of the country by riding down to the beach or up to the mountains.

Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Chiropractic Assistant (CA)



Caitlin, a Spartanburg native, has always had a passion for service, which has guided her through a diverse career path. With a background in customer service and reception, she dedicated almost seven years to formation ministry at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. More recently, Caitlin spent a year assisting her husband in growing his small business, gaining a deep understanding of the value of strong relationships and exceptional service. She is thrilled for the opportunity to apply these skills with the patients at Converse Chiropractic.

Outside of work, Caitlin enjoys camping, hiking, and staying active with her husband, teenage son, and their dog. A creative at heart, she is constantly seeking opportunities to learn new artistic skills.

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